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by Bus Draiva
Feb 10th, '18, 04:37
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Topic: The dota 1 monkey king (it's my script)
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Re: The dota 1 monkey king (it's my script)

Lan Nguyen wrote:
RokKnyaz wrote:Some highlights timing would be nice

Why dont u guys add his to the newest map? Or just too lazy to read my map?

Can you give me the link to your version of MK? Thanks :^^:
by Bus Draiva
Aug 31st, '17, 22:30
Forum: Suggestions
Topic: Antimage Aghanims upgrade?
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Antimage Aghanims upgrade?

Was looking for the "sceptre upgradeable" sign on antimage's passive and it wasn't there. Does it exist? If it doesn't then it should because his Aghs upgrade is flipping awesome.

Also are there plans to add talent trees?
by Bus Draiva
Aug 30th, '17, 06:45
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Topic: Thanks
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Just wanted to say thanks to DracoL1ch and his team for keeping this classic game alive. I live in a 3rd world country where internet is slow and scarce so to have an offline version of DotA that I can play over LAN with other people is pretty cool. That's all and keep up the good work. :D

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