DotA v6.88X Allstars [Beta guys] :govnokod:

Разные беседы на тему DotA, её обсуждение и прочая.
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DotA v6.88X Allstars [Beta guys] :govnokod:

Postby DracoL1ch » Oct 31st, '16, 14:49


28 марта: 88k ... 06.88k.w3x

Fixed Bloodthorn ability counted as spell cast
Flame Guard no longer stack damage effect if re-casted
Fixed Searing chains not counting as a disable
Fixed !ff didn't work
Fixed Gravekeeper's cloak being permanently on
Fixed Ignite malfunction on level 4
Fixed Upgraded Reaper's Scythe, Blink Strike incorrect manacost
Fixed observers not being recognized properly
Observers now have default game table as any other player, and holding Alt will turn back to extended table
Fixed bug when Battle Hunger buff never get dispelled
Fixed Bloodthorn spell effect didn't work for non-human related attacks
Added cast time to Metamorphosis
Repel can now be casted on spell immune allies
Fixed issues with Walrus Punch & Infernal Blade on autocast
Changed Silver Edge hotkey from S to E, Manta Style from M to T, added hotkey for Bloodthorn (D), removed hotkey from Rod of Atos and Moon Shard
Fixed Ring of Aquila being unavailable for one-click buy
Fixed various issues with Teleportation stopping functions
Activating Vendetta will instantly stop burrowing
Fixed a few possible crashes with the dll-file
Improved lane creeps behavior - they don't stop themselves as much as before

основное изменение в крипах, которые теперь бегут чутка иначе. не лучше, не хуже - просто иначе. как могЁм, так и пытаемся, извините нас.
+ Обновлена либа, добавлены потенциально проебанные возвраты регистров, что должно повысить стабильность
+ отключен переход на страничку гарена тотала, что может снизить количество вылетов на старте игры

19 марта, 20:00 мск:
перекачайте i-версию, кто уже брал раньше, если где-то поставили на бот - проинфонрмируйте, чтобы снесли и заново поставили ... 06.88i.w3x

Fixed various attack effects malfunction
Fixed Tidebringer behavior: bonus damage on autocast is now applied on allied units, properly interacts with structures and units
Fixed Chakra Magic reducing cooldown by 6 on 1st level
Fixed a few typos ... 06.88i.w3x

Fixed Terrorblade missing 1 armor point
"Freeze leaver" button now being added to all circles
Fixed Medallion of Courage had old recipe
Fixed Blight Stone had no hotkey
Fixed Side Shops have no Wind Lace and Blight Stone equipped
Fixed Satanic cannot be combined
Fixed Satanic (active) had extra icon
Fixed Glimpse didn't stop Icarus Dive
Added visual representationg of a hero who are teleporting to the tower (7.02 patch, affects scrolls only)
Fixed issue with new summoned Meepling could have incorrect boots equipped
Fixed Geomagnetic Grip, Rolling Boulder, Spirits, Skewer, Reverse Polarity, Fire Spirits, Pit of Malice, Anchor Smash, Soul Rip, Gust, Searing Chains, Call Down, Stone Gaze, Impales, Pounce, Reflection, Whirling Axes, Poison Nova, Flame Break, Crystal Nova, Blinding Light, Shadow Poison, Static Remnant, Upheaval, Maledict affecting invulnerable units
Fixed Wall of Replica didn't affect invulnerable units
Added debug message on antihack routine launch
Ban phase no longer belong to AP but to BP mode, which is all the same AP but with ban phase
Fixed Frost Armor not affecting creep vs creep battles
Fixed Diabolic Edict affected wards
Diabolic Edict now considers unit's collision size when counting the distance
Fixed Tiny with Aghanim HP bar size
Slightly improved antihack checker
Chat command -manabars fixed to -manabar
Rolledback new item images
Fixed bug with Invoker and berserk-based abilities
Fixed Nether blast had "sticky" damage, regardles if the enemy left AoE
Fixed desync caused by using -cam and -hpbar options together
Fixed visual bug with Dark rift
Techies can no longer appear in the SD/AR modes

основные фиксы - убраны баны из обычного AP + пофикшено два десинка. Должно помочь. Ну и надоедающая надпись про антихак - потерпите, в след версии уберу. Появляется раз в минуту в среднем.

Очередная финальная "на выходных" 6.88g

Swapping courier type smoothness improved
Double click now works only on abilities which are allowed to self-cast
Fixed vision issues with side/base shops at night time
Fixed tower armor aura keep working even if tower has been destroyed
Fixed "Always display tower range" option kept AoEs of destroyed towers
Fixed Ice Blast dummy had manabar
Added option DisplayManabars(=true) in the config file
Added chat command -manabars to toggle manabars state
Added Hold to "stop list" while TPing
Fixed spell amplification affects summons damage
You can now ping runes to tell about them to your teammates
Fixed fast buy ignoring "toggled" items like Basilius
Buyback reworked - it now change cost smoothly by formula 100 + level*level*1.5 + 15*CurrentMinute. Necrolyte's Reaper's Scythe with Aghanim makes costs to 999999, effectively preventing buyback.
Fixed SD mode heroes align
Fixed repick being unaccessable way too early in AP
AP now allows to chose a hero for banning. Next 15 seconds after heroes become available every player may chose some hero to exlude from heropool. Once time is out game bans half of the chosen heroes randomly and continue normally.
Fixed "Resume delivery" tried to deliver items to dead heroes
Extended hotkeys support within Dota Config
#You can chose special hotkeys from the list here ... 0;v=vs.85).aspx
#To use special hotkeys enter them as 0x (hex representation), f.i. 0x70 for F1, 0x71 for F2, shift0x71 for Shift+F2, and so on
Double hold option replaced with autoattack toggling option. Chat alias -aat. Unit will still autoattack in case if he is directly attacked and agressor is in the attack range.
Autoattack acts like "autoattack after spells" from Dota2

Hunter in the Night now affects illusions (no visual effects though)
Casting Requiem of Souls turns Shadow fiend pathing off
Shackleshot can now target Roshan and ancient creeps
Berserker's blood spell resistance no longer has levels and acts smoothly
Enfeeble and Battle Hunger can now be casted on ancients
Fixed Arc Lightning incorrect cast point
Fixed Teleportation incorrect cast point
Improved Teleportation visuals
Swapped back Lifestealer's skillset
Fixed vision issues with Track & Amplify damage
Fixed Burrow cast point
Improved Side gunner effects
Added frosty animation to ice-based skills
Fixed various Meah Hook issues
Fixed Blur tooltip
Manta Style now follows proper rules for melee and ranged if obtained by morphed heroes (tooltip doesn't update)
Untouchable now affects only orb-attacks instead of any targeted ability
Fixed Static storm malfunction
Fixed Penitence incorrect attachment placement
Fixed Rocket Barrage dealing double amount of damage
Fixed Geminate attack attacks behavior
Fixed Tricks of the Trade attacks behavior
Improved Shukuchi attack-reveal behavior
Fixed Devour order ID conflict with Ensnare
New counters for Stealing abilities - OD, Slark, Silencer, Pudge, Undying
Fixed Morphling lack 20 base HP
Fixed Flaming Fist enemies filter could be incorrect
Fixed Geminate attack not being disabled by Break
Fixed Poison Touch breaking Linken's Sphere
Fixed Headshot didn't use pseudo-random
Earth Split now affects ancients
Added visual effect applied to units who got Magnetized
Soul Assumption no longer hides amount of charges while ability is on cooldown
Fixed Devoured resistance aura disappearing on death
Fixed Hellfire blast DoT being undispellable
Fixed Spawn Spiderite didn't spawn spiders if caused final blow on the hero
Added cooldown indicator to passive Starfall (Aghanim)
Vampiric Aura is now toggleable
Fixed incorrect turnrate of Goblin Shredder, Dragon Knight, Medusa, Troll, Ember Spirit, Abaddon
Walrus Punch and Infernal Blade now properly work with cleave
Added autocast to Tidebringer (new ID: A3WM)
Fixed Rikimaru visually disappears after usage of the ultimate
Broodmother's spiderlings and spiderites are now properly moves while under the Web
Fixed Berserker's blood smoothness and bonuses amount
Fixed Mystic snake only jumping onto allies of the target instead of the enemies of the caster (affects neutrals mostly)
Fixed a bug where denying Arc Warden's Tempest Double was giving bounty gold
Added control-loss counter support to Winter Wyvern (already been implemented to Alchemist, Batrider, Lycanthrope)
Toggling Quas/Wex/Exort no longer interrupts Invoker at all
Fixed Spiked Carapace having animation time
Fixed Requiem of Souls (agh) waves returning on death
Fixed Venomous Gale dealt 0 damage on level 1
Fixed Wave of Terror didn't apply armor reduction on magic immune enemies
Fixed Crystal Nova didn't provide vision around the target
Fixed Crystal Nova didn't affect ancients
Added visual effects to Elder Dragon form
Fixed Land mines didn't provide vision on blast
Land Mines and Remote Mines can no longer be stacked on each other
Fixed Pounce could cause Slark to stuck

Blight Stone and Desolator now stacks on the same target (both are still orb effects)
Fixed Poor man's shield block chance description
Improved Linken's Sphere handling
Fixed Echo Sabre triggering on Stifling dagger instant attack
Helm of Dominator no longer makes unit immune to another Dominator or Hand of Midas
Fixed Shiva's Guard spell effect AoE and speed
Removed visual effect on Magic Stick/Wand charging
Bloodstone manaregen now counts as default regeneration
Multiple Urn of Shadows now follows the rule of closest - whoever is closer to dying hero, he will receive a charge, instead of random distribution
Fixed Charge of Darkness and Lotus Orb interaction

Various typo fixes
Added notification about pre-pick phase stun
Camera won't jump to fountain in replays anymore
Fixed a few spells which didn't grant assists
Cooldown indicator is now visible even if the ability is silenced
Fixed Tornado (Enraged Wildkin) counted as proper unit for spells
RD now shows if the hero has been randomed

ВНИМАНИЕ: конфиг-файл config.dota был обновлен

Новые ключи:

DisplayGarenaTotalNotification=true #впиши false, чтобы отключить напоминалку про гарена-тотал
TeleportationCanOnlyBeStoppedSoft=true #альтернативный способ защиты от случайных правых кликов во время телепортации свитками или ботами

AdvancedTooltips=true #точные данные в подсказках атаки и армора
DisplayRegeneration=true #реген
CustomFPSInfo=true #отображает занимаемую оперативку

Также теперь можно указать любые хоткеи в ремаппере из списка. Указывается hex-код в формате 0xNUMBER

Псевдо-финальная версия v6.88f
Псевдо - потому что мы все знаем, как это работает, что уже на следующий день что-то падает.

Fixed Arc Lightning cast sound
Fixed Reaper's Scythe didn't credit for kills
Fixed Reaper's Scythe missing animation
Fixed Necrolyte model
Fixed Reincarnation (Aghanim) malfunctioning on the Skeleton King
Fixed Scorched Earth malfunction
Fixed some spells could be avoided in some map places
Fixed multikill counter could go wrong rarely
Earth will kick the stone if there's any nearby instead of targeted unit
Fixed Deafening blast affecting invulnerable units
Fixed Tome of Experience had 1000s cd after the first buy
Observer Wards can now use hotkey (O)
Added sound for Bloodthorn
Fixed Impetus description
Fixed Frostmourne didn't applies on creeps
Fixed self-damage counted towards total damage done metrics
Added garena-only notify about possible workaround
Fixed Roshan's slam being undispellable
Fixed bugs with infinity Walrus Punch and Infernal Blade
Fixed Leap speed being lowen than intended
Ancestral Spirit now have same model as the caster
Fixed Time Dilation didn't affect attack speed
Fixed Blinding Light had 0.4s delay before effect
Improved Omniknight cast animations
Fixed Stone remnants ability wasn't affected by silence
Improved Laser visuals
Spin Web, Sentry Wards, Stone Remnants and Fire remnants are now visible through Fog of war
Fixed Requiem of Souls applied debuff instantly instead of when damage is done
Heroes are no longer flickering on minimap
Fixed minor scan mechanics
Scan minimap signal now has proper visual size
Revamped hero descriptions : abilities colored same as the damage type they deal
Dispersion now triggers on low damage too
A Real hero spell resistance is now visible in the armor tooltip
Fixed Necronomicons have 20% resistance instead of 40%
Fixed Bloodlust multicasting
Improved antihack
Rubick's clone now will be removed once spell is lost
Fixed few incorrect cooldowns
Fixed rare bug with Ironwood Branch Tree
Summon autoselection now works only if the summon is around 1500 area next to the camera (if you don't watch at this place you won't get it selected)
Added Bloodthorn visual damage (numbers) effect
Fixed some spells didn't break Pounce
Pudge can no longer move until Meat Hook hit something
Meathook no longer stretches depending on hero's position
Mjollnir's active no longer triggers on self-damage
Added visuals and debuff to Heaven's Halberd disarm
Eye in the Forest ground effect now revealed even if you have no vision over the tree
Thunder Lizard can no longer cast Frenzy unless controlled by player
Devour now correctly gives Magic resistance aura when consuming minor Furbolg or Centaur
Doom's Devour no longer refreshes cooldown of the stolen ability if the same creep been eaten
Bristleback now reduces damage taken even if full HP
Added config file "config.dota", which allows to set up to 21 chat commands, which will be sent at the game start. It allows to pre-type every command you usually use. This is simple text file, open it with Notepad and fill lines you want.
Added a note on Aegis deny event
Aghanim'd Flaming Lasso now breaks on the second unit if primary unit dispelled it
Heartstopper aura now properly gives assists
Reverted observer mode changes (major issues)
In observer mode creeps will have proper coloring on altered minimaps (they turned to black before)
Laser cast time improved from 0.53 to 0.4
Blink Strike Reduced cast time from 0.4 to 0.3.
Windrun no longer stops Windrunner in order to cast it
Fixed Brewmaster's Storm spirit attack type
Fixed Tome of Experience stacking and consuming
Counter Helix now reacts on attack landing only
Fixed Frost Nova malfunction
Fixed Forge Spirit's armor decrease malfunctioning
Fixed Shackleshot ignoring new branch tree
Fixed dummy HP bar on Lightning bolt
Reverted Midnight Pulse visual effect
Added sound to Rot and Powershot
Fixed Glyph and Scan cooldowns being affected by Octarine core
Epicenter and Shockwave no longer causes terrain deformation (helps FPS)
Fixed Life Break didn't break in some cases
Improved Empower description
Fixed Reverse polarity, Thunder clap, Earthshock not being recognized as spell damage
Boulder Smash now includes bonus range of Lense
Fixed Echo Sabre debuff being non-dispellable
Improved Familiar behavior, they will now correctly land first attack (they never had full damage in fact, all the way through wc3 Dota - damage being reduced even before they fired)
Improved neutral creeps behavior
Fixed test command -ru malfunction
Removed -cson/csoff/di/denyinfo/showdeny/hidedeny chat commands
Illusion rune now always spawns illusions behind you
All Mirror Image spells are updated:
no longer remove positive buffs;
no longer remove negative buffs it doesn't supposed to;
no longer remove Duration bar from morphed heroes.
Improved forbidden zones behavior
Branch can no longer be planted on fountains or Roshan pit
Ball Lightning can no longer be used while another Ball Lightning active
Fortune's End now purges spell immune enemies properly
Healing ward can now move through units
Added sound effect for Laser
Fixed Meat hook accuracy counter
Fixed RD/CD pick time vision
Flying unit can now miss from lowground
Fixed -names command behavior
Smoke of deceit now reveals upon towers (not fountain)
Smoke of Deceit is no longer penetrated by truesight
Ice Blast invisibility improved, it can now be tracked manually by caster or his allies
Lycan Wolves now spawns next to him, by right and left sides
Fixed Power Cogs AoE at corners and improved perfomance
Power Cogs no longer reacts on invulnerable units
Macropyre now includes spell bonus damage, visual effects improved
Fixed Primal Split could be "aborted" wasting cooldown and it's effect
Fixed potentinal abuse with -sleep
Sticky Napalm bonus damage now included in a single instance for Batrider's normal skills
Fixed Boots of Travel allowed to TP on heroes
Omnislash now one-shot ancients as well, but cannot directly target them. Cannot one-shot
Fixed side shops buying areas
You can no longer waste item buying it in the side shops with full inventory
Death pact now grants white attack damage instead of green
Selling items range (from inventory) doubled
Fixed some visual effects being removed on Hex/Eul/various other reset-like effects
Fixed Scream of pain, Whirling Death, Veil of Discord didn't affect ancients
Fixed shared Linken Sphere lasts less than intended
Improved handling issues with uncontrollable hero respawning after a death morph
Command -fd (minimap fog density) now supported for 1.27
Improved highlightning of the shops
Armlet visual effect moved from weapon to chest
Improved Laser perfomance a bit
Removed HP bars from dummy hero models (RD/CD/CM)
Satanic's ability now has status bar buff
Geminate Attack reworked. It now works as Dota2 intended - fires 0.25s later than main projectile, doesn't care about distance to the target, can do crit strike, no longer orb-effect.
Shadow Amulet invis now allows to go throught invisible unit
Shadow Amulet now has cooldown unless casted on self
Target Fire Spirit no longer requires turning while Sun Ray enabled or Icarus Dive active
Fixed being able to use inventory while taunted
Spark Wraith is now AoE-targeted spell
Test command -c now affects typed player instead of only blue and can now be reverted
Fixed Troll's forms missing 50 base manapool
Cyclone now allows to pass through aired units
Refraction no longer waste charge when attacking allies
Fixed Napalm's slow effect being lost when target transfroms
Chat command -autofps will automatically reduce maxfps rate to improve perfomance. Toggle, off by default
Chat command -maxfps # allows to setup max FPS manually. Default = 64
Chat command -window locks mouse cursor within game's window. Toggle, off by default
Chat command -autoselect will re-select the first hero available if any key/mousekey pressed while enemy unit selected or selection is empty. Toggle, on by default
Chat command -light 0-5 to select light (visual only)
Chat command -aoe will toggle on/off neutral camps or tower ranges indicators (ALT-key toggling is still supported)
Fixed Cranium Basher and Abyssal Blade had no innate cooldown on bash
Cranium Basher now has cooldown display when bashes
Improved Dagger block mechanic - item now goes into cooldown as usual instead of being replaced
Invulnerable units are no longer valid target for shattering (Ice Blast)
Faerie Fire can now be used at full HP
Dust no longer has manacost
Chat command -terrain has been removed
Chat command -calm has been removed
Radiance no longer works when carried by courier
Fixed Balanar's Void always slowed for 2.5s at night time
Icarus Dive no longer affects invulnerable units
Fixed few memory leaks
Wall of Replica now correctly affects invisible enemies
Wall of Replica's illusions now have 0.1 second of invulnerability on spawn
Vacuum now applies Stun on the pulled enemies instead of slow
Trueshot Aura, Stampede, Rabid, Death Pulse, Scream of Pain, Plasma Field, Concussive Shot, Warcry, Release Trap no longer stops the caster
Eject, Morph, Ethereal Jaunt, Reality, Static Remnant no longer requires cast animation
Improved cast time of Song of the Siren End, Shackleshot
Various cast/backswing points adjustments
Fixed Corrosive skin keep dealing damage even if dispelled
Octarine now reduces cooldown of Linken's Sphere
Renewed Cooldown visuals: it now display numbers when less than 100 seconds left, with decimal precision. Normally you wouldn't mind knowing if there's 110 or 180 seconds left for obvious reasons. If you really need that info, you may use scoreboard, which still displays cooldown on ultimates.
Temporarily disabled Selfdestruction on Spin Web
Improved -hidemsg functionality

Если у кого-то винда не может распаковать нужные файлы, то вот это положить в корень вакрарфта: ...

Beta-версия v6.88c


Double click on Travel boots on Meepo Clone and Tempest Double now works correctly
Scroll of TP and Boots of Travel can now be casted at any landscape
Melee creeps collision size reduced from 16 to 8
Reworked observer's mode: players no longer switch sides, so green & red colors now remains instead of black. Creep's AI won't change as well - they will act the same way as if no observers ingame
Freeze leaver ability improved, cast range now global, target will come closer to the circle of power, unless interrupted
Neutrals no longer sleep at night
Improved various aura's tooltips and behaviour
Gem and Rapier now correctly drops from the courier if he dies
Courier model change available again
Courier's abilitites can no longer be silenced

Assists now get counted whenever you place debuff on an enemy hero that dies
Assists now get counted whenever you place a buff on a hero that kills an enemy hero
Added manabars

Mode -er removed
Removed -oi mode
Long mode names removed (-allpick etc)
Fixed sentinel's side building could turn around
Bottle now refills while fountain buff exists and no longer binded to the fountain
Fixed neutrals had no level indicator
Removed damage delay from Maelstrom/Mjollnir's lightning attack, Chain Lightning (zeus) and Fade Bolt (Rubick)
Lightning Attack from Mjollnir & Maelstrom, Chain Lightning and Fade Bolt will no longer break Linken's Sphere for secondary targets
Fixed Lightning Attack from Mjollnir & Maelstrom breaking Linken's Sphere
Fixed various iteractions between -swap command, deathmatch mode, switch and -names
Fixed bug which didn't allow to evade any triggered projectile
Borrowed time, Waveform, Infest, Leap, Doppelganger, Phase Shift, Teleportation, Pounce and Ball Lightning now correctly disjoint spell projectiles
Boots of travel, Scroll of TP, Relocate, Return spirit bear, Ethereal Jaunt now correctly disjoint spell projectiles
Added pathing stack - fixed free pathing turning off for some units (for example Stampede being "dispelled" from Spectre if she uses ulti)
Roshan's death now has extra global sound
Tower's death messages now contains more info
New icon: Rhasta, Phantom Assassin, Zeus, AA, Axe, ES, Lycan, Slark, Wyvern, Silver Edge, Veil, Spirit Siphon
Removed ancient creeps without useful abilities
Improved courier behaviour when delivering onto unpathable places
Game now counts as creep kill/deny (adds to -cs) every kill made on non-neutral non-hero non-structure non-illusion unit
Courier now properly autocomplete items, if some of them belong to leavers - they will be counted as owned
Fixed rare bug with double click on dagger causes fountain regeneration aura applying
Added disablehelp support for Fate's edict, Purifying Flames, Cold Embrace, Boulder Smash, Geomagnetic Grip, Enchant Remnant, Nether Swap, Decrepify, Sunder, Demonic Conversion
Vladmir's Offering and Ring of Basilius/Acquila recoded
Fixed Poison sting affecting non-organic targets
Untouchable will no longer be ignored on the first attack from Silver Edge
Neutrals can now do multikills
Suicide now shows if it was a real suicide or any kind of denying himself
When some team surrender whole map will be automatically revealed
Improved Nightmare code and fixed interaction with orb-attacks
Siege creep's width reduced a bit
New chat command -fd [0-255] now allows to change minimap fog density - 0 for fully non-transparent, 255 for fully transparent, 92 by default.
Improved message about enemy's repick
Autocast-based attacks now automatically adjusts it's cast range to owner's cast range
Thunder Strike, Toss, Fatal Bonds, Inner Vitality, Ion Shell, Telekinezis, Test of Faith can now target ancient creeps

Added a note about spell immunity piercing to Poison sting
Replay now stores packet "FF+" whenever any player use -gg to forfeit, and "FF-" whenever player decide not to forfeit. Value contains player's ID
Penitence no longer based on Drunken Haze
Hand of God now properly heals hidden allies
Guardian Angle no longer being dispelled by allied dispells
Fixed Psionic Trap iteraction with Linken's Sphere
Fixed Static Field affecting Roshan

Courier now transfers most valuable items in first place
Reduced secondary buildings HP bars and vision

Chaos damage onto fortified units increased from 0.4 to 0.5
Medium armor converted to large armor

Fixed Jakiro, Spiritbreaker, Chieftain & Earthshaker had incorrect visual turn speed
Smoke Screen now affects invulnerable enemies
Static Field now affects invulnerable enemies
Every unit with default 300 range vision has been updated to reveal this radius properly
Fixed issues with damage incrementers and damage return
Roshan slam cd 6 -> 10
Test command -l now level up to 25 if no level stated
Fixed double clicking recipe from courier didn't count the hero's items
Fixed bug with one-click buying if items carrier is dead
Linken now supported on WTF
Fixed couriers didn't provide exp for killing
Improved Quelling bonus iteraction with cleave
Kickafk system improved
Added sound warning for buyback

Fixed killer not getting bonus gold if he was killed before his victim died

All unit refresh-based things now follow common rules
Aegis heal now smoother
Maim and Greater maim now follows Pseudo random
Bashes (MKB and Basher and Abyssal) no longer iteracts with attack, allowing every other modifier to proc. Can no longer be switched.
Helm of the Dominator, Enchant and Holy Persuation now automatically selects the targeted unit
Added visual lightning effect on necronomicon warrior's death
Small ancient lizards now have mana again

Dagger and Heart now won't be blocked if damage has been blocked completely
Dagger and Heart now can be refreshed as well
Moonlight Shadows no longer affect Riki if he learned Cloak and Dagger
Wards can now target already placed wards, without error messages
Test commands now available at multiplayer if -test enabled
New test command -ru improves Roshan by 1 point (20 points at max, 1 per 4 minutes normally)
Test command -fog now works in lan games
Added test commands -str #/-agi #/-int # for respective stats adding/substracting

Effigies and Barracks now name the player that killed them in the chat log
The chat cheat -wtf now also refreshes any active cooldowns
Fixed Moonshard Buffs not transferring to new heroes in ARDM
Fixed Aghanim's Scepter Buffs not transferring to new heroes in ARDM

Fixed Multicast not being disabled under Break
Fixed Break not disabling collecting souls with Necromastery
Fixed Warpath not being disabled by Break
Fixed Riki's Cloak and Dagger being only partially disabled by Break

Tranquil Boots now works properly with Octarine Core and Arcane Rune, both reduce its broken-state duration.
However, its cooldown can still be reset and doing so does not affect its broken state.
Cooldown resetting effects are: Rearm, Refresher Orb and -refresh/-wtf commands (and Supernova, but that one doesn't reset item cooldowns).

Added Scan ability to Circles of Power

Final board cleaned: no longer contains info about bonus gold/exp, provides networth value instead of final gold, neutrals counted next to CS, wards counter shows Obs/Sen
Fixed Satyr Hellcaster being immune to Helm of the Dominator
Fixed Frostbite working way too long on Dominated creeps

The following buffs are now purgeable: Nightmare, Spawn Spiderlings, Malefice, Cold Snap, Corrosive Skin, and Leap movement speed buff
Transfer Item from Circle of power works inside enemy's base
Couriers no longer affects APM counter

X Mark the spot no longer returns Disruption'd or Astral Imprisonment'd target
Fixed Meepo clones didn't receive exp for hero kills and could cause them to ignore respawn timer
Enemy wards are now bigger than allied
New animation for Tinker's Laser
All critical strike are now triggered and no longer interacts with orb table
Gold text now yellow by default and turns red if buyback is unavailabe
-powerup test command now creates all runes around some point (except the very first spawn)
All players without picked hero will be kicked at 5th minute since creep spawn
Multiple Euls movespeed now fully stacks
Illusions now inherit Eul's movespeed bonuses

Any picked hero on AP/RD becomes frozen until countdown timer reaches 1:30
Whenever last hero enters area on AP/RD modes timer drops down to 1:30 if been higher
Test chat command -gud displays some info about selected unit(s) (get unit's data)
Test chat command -cams displays some info about current camera settings
Flamebreak now affects non-immune ancients, except Roshan
Static Remnant now affects non-immune ancients, including Roshan
Fixed Hand of Midas bonus exp value
Deafening Blast, Leap, Gust, Pounce now applies debuff which prevents affected units from moving
Fixed Snowball could take Supernova inside

Smashing damage now uses the caster as damage source
Fixed bug with height modifiers not being correctly removed on reincarnation
Fixed Treant Protector selection sphere
Toss damage for the projectile now comes in one instance instead of two

All items HP reduced from 75 to 1 (requires 1 hit from anyone)
Fixed Decrepify being ignored by Lotus Orb
At game ends now additionaly sends info about:
total hero damage dealt (key = 10),
total tower damage dealt (key = 11),
total gold fed with hero (key = 12),
total gold fed with non-hero units (key = 13).


Added -hpbar chat command: switches between default HP bar coloring and Dota2-style, when your allies are marked with green bars, and enemies with red
New chat command -cap allows to toggle captions on the unit under the cursor (The Scourge/The Sentinel)
New chat command -t will show the replay time
Autoselection summons now disabled by default, use -es to enable it or -ds to disable
Autoselection of Circle of power on death now follows -ds/-es rules
Added !ff alias for -gg



Fixed various issues with Borrowed time and cooldown
Fixed Death coil self-damage type being magic instead of pure

Ancient Apparation

Ice Blast no longer causes the hero to stand still like it was channeling skill


Fixed Mana void didn't stun magic immune units


Fixed Battle Hunger never provided movespeed bonuses for anyone but Axe (Lotus Orb or Rubick)
Counter Helix no longer has visual buff


Fixed Charge of Darkness vulnerability
Fixed Charge of Darkness vulnerability
Fixed giving new order while Charging causes Spiritbreaker to ignore new order
Charge of Darkness now gives true sight over the target
Greater Bash perfomance increasedFixed Charge of Darkness getting interrupted when toggeling wards
Fixed Charge of Darkness not destroying trees at the end of the charge


Fixed Upgraded Flaming Lasso didn't damage secondary latched target
Batrider can now get lasso'd enemy through Kinetic Field


Fixed Primal Roar had full length effect even if casted face-to-face
Optimized Primal Roar perfomance
Fixed Battle Roar didn't affect spell immune bears
Fixed Spirit Bear using Bounty rune didn't give exp to the hero

Bone fletcher

Fixed Skeleton Walk gave 11% more movespeed than should
Added visual effect on dying for Clinkz

Bounty hunter

Fixed Track shows enemy's gold amount only for Sentinels
Bounty Hunter's windwalk no longer dispells on attack start, instead it only dispells on attack's landing


Fixed Broodmother's illusions could fly
Fixed Incapacitating Bite didn't get dispelled by weak dispells


Centaur Warrunner's Stampede now affects hidden units as well, for example during Outworld Devourer's Astral Imprison.


Removed HP bar from Rocket Flare
Hookshot no longer hide control panel from Clockwerk when used (can be stopped)
Fixed Power Cogs didn't provide bounty
Fixed Hookshot used to pause latched enemy unit
Fixed Hookshot didn't damage nor stun invisible unit
Fixed Battery Assault interaction with Linkens Sphere

Chaos Knight

Fixed Reality Rift malfunction when targeting Roshan


Test of faith now correctly stops if the target dies


Fixed Poison Touch had 3 icons for status bar
Shadow poison now correctly deals it's damage when dispelled


Fixed Doom's Shockwave didn't counted as a spell


Disruptor's Glimpse will now send Meepo clones to their previous location (instead of the location of the prime Meepo), same for Arc Warden's Double Tempest
Static Field vision improved

Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit's Remnants no longer has cap of 6 entities
Magnetic Field now has buff and affects illusions
Stone Rocks now hidden from minimap
Hurl boulder projectlite speed reduced from 1000 to 800


Enchant Totem no longer dispells if spell immunity obtained
Fissure no longer ignores ancients

Ember spirit

Sleight of Fist no longer removes any entangles or ensnares
Zero charges on Fire Remnant now has proper icon


Fixed Midnight pulse damage being reducable by magic resistance
Improved Midnight pulse visuals


Sprout can now target any point or target without restrictions
Sprout can now target anything including structures
Wrath of Nature now affects ancients and no longer iteracts with Linken's Sphere or Lotus Orb


Fixed Magic Missile ignores Linken's Sphere


Cold Snap now correctly dispells on strong dispell, death or reincarnation
Fixed Cold Snap always triggers twice on cast, dealing 2x damage in the first tick
Fixed Tornado breaking Linken's Sphere
Improved Deafening Blast perfomance
Ice wall stickyness reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds
Falling Chaos meteor now has small vision
Fixed Ice Wall debuff lingering on heroes that become Spell Immune
Fixed Deafening Blast max level not starting off the waves in the direction of your cursor


Fixed Relocate kept counting down even if Wisp died and respawned


Healing Ward HP from 5 to 1


Fixed Kotl's Aghanim missing bonus vision

Legion commander

Press the Attack can now be casted on spell immune allies

Lone Druid

Fixed fatal error with Syllabear
Rabid no longer iteract with allied dispell
Rabid no longer based on bloodlust
Rabid can now affects spell immune Bear
Spirit Bear's entangle no longer iteracts with Linken's Sphere
Ensnares and Entangles now can be stacked properly and works on ethereal targets
Fixed Ensnare caused illusions to throw net onto previous target
Fixed Ensnare could use illusion's net as the real one
Fixed rare bug when Spirit Bear's items disappears on death
Ensnares and Entangles no longer disable morph abilities
Spirit bear's death no longer removes part of exp from the hero


Moon glaive no longer orb effect and works properly on structures


Splitshot now re-activate itself on respawn and reincarnation
Fixed interaction between Stone gaze and morphs


Elune's Arrow now ignores invulnerable units flying through them

Naga siren

Fixed Song of the Siren affects Roshan


Fixed Assimilate/Infest to work correctly (force the unit out) with Relocate/Recall/Test of Faith


Reaper's Scythe can no longer be casted onto anything but heroes

Night stalker

Fixed Darkness no cooldown abuse

Ogre magi

Added AoE targeting Cursor to Ignite
Fixed Bloodlust not being castable on Invulnerable allies/buildings

Obsidian Destroyer

Astral Imprisonment got new visuals
Fixed issues with Astral Imprisonment and Disruption
Added stolen int counter to the OD
Essence Aura now restores mana after spell's manacost is wasted

Phantom Assasin

Blur no longer makes Mortred transparent
Phantom Strike can now target spell immune units


Ethereal Jaunt no longer available if no Illusory Orb found
Reduced Puck's cast baskswing from 0.51 to 0.27
Illusory Orb now deals damage by Puck instead of by Orb (causes creep's aggro)
Illusory Orb now provides vision for 3.34s on it's path
Dream Coil now affects creep-heroes
Fixed Phase shift interaction with cooldown reduce tactics


Added strength counter to the Pudge
Rot slow now lingers for 0.5seconds at max
Rot now works properly when Pudge is hidden


Fixed Corrosive Breathe affecting wards


Fixed Eye of the Storm breaking Linken's Sphere


Rubick can now steal Tempest Double
Fixed Spellsteal + Morph iteraction

Sand King

Fixed Sand Storm didn't affect ancients
Sand Storm visual effect now always follow the hero instead of standing still while channeled
Fixed SK's burrowstrike speed
Burrowstrike can now target anything

Shadow demon

Disruption now only adds hidden unit back to selection instead of completely nullifying selection just for one unit


Fixed Last Word itercation with Lightning Ball and Omnislash
Silencer's Int steal ability now passive, stolen Int counter located in the tooltip
Fixed Last Word ignoring Unstable Concoction, Sun Ray, Ice Blast and Invoke
Fixed Silencer's attack projectile not being homing missile


Fixed Slithereen Crush didn't affect ancients
Slithereen Crush perfomance improved


New FX for Dark Pact
Slark got new passive icon for counting stolen stats
Slark now continues to gain agility, even when the attacked hero has no more stats left to steal.
Fixed Pounce still triggers properly if Slark dies midair


Fixed Headshot damage going through Spell Immunity
Fixed Headshot damage didn't affect lifesteal efficiency


Haunt no longer can stop enemy or stuck it with Haunt's illusion
Haunt no longer spawn illusion for dead enemies
Fixed Spectre's illusions could fly
Added duration info to Spectral Dagger


Fixed God's Strength working even after dying

Tauren Chieftain

Earth splitter no longer iteracts with Linken's Sphere
Earth spliteer & fog?

Templar Assasin

Fixed Meld debuff armor didn't prolong it's duration when applied again
Fixed Meld attack removes invisibility even if re-casted while projectile still flying
Psionic Trap no longer causes neutral's aggro
Meld can now auto-acquire the closest target if you order to attack ground while Meld active


Fixed Kraken Shell dispell didn't remove some buffs
Fixed Anchor Smash damage reduction applies with delay


Craggy Exterior no longer iteracts with Linken's Sphere
Fixed Tiny's attack visuals not matching it's real timing
Fixed Craggy Exterior missing info about bonus armor


Gust reworked

Treant protector

Fixed Eye in the forest lost it's invisbility
Fixed Living armor blocked damage dealt to heroes only


Snowball no longer iteract with Linken's Sphere
Snowball can no longer pull units out of Blackhole or Chronosphere

Twin Head Dragon

Fixed Breathe Fire on higher levels didn't properly reduced target's damage
Macropyre visually recoded and can now be casted at any point of the map


Undying now always gains the full amount of strength, no matter how much the targets have left.


Fixed Ursa's illusions attack could be faster than normal
Fixed Break disabling Fury Swipes completely, instead it prevents Ursa from increasing the counter but still deals damage for placed stacks


Fixed Venomous Gale visual damage being outdated
Fixed Stone Form stunning and damaging units if the Familiar died while landing


Fixed Soul Assumption ignores Linken's Sphere


Fatal Bonds now shows visual link between damaged units
Fatal Bonds now dispells if the only one unit left linked


Added overcharge buff for Tethered unit
Wisp can now properly stop pulling caused by Tether

Witch doctor

Fixed Paralyzing casks bounce had no 0.3s delay between jumps
Paralyzing casks speed increased to 750


Focus Fire no longer stops if target dies, but allows to attack respawned target with max speed until duration is over
Fixed Windrunner's illusions attack could be faster than normal
Fixed Focus Fire decreases damage from items
Windrunner no longer evade anything when activate Windrun
Fixed Focus fire bug with Linken's sphere


Fixed Wyvern didn't trigger land mines
Spark Wraith target checking interval reduced from 0.05 to 0.2
Spark Wraith can now target non-immune ancients
Spark Wraith no longer targets invulnerable units


Fixed Tempest Double issues with BKB/Bottle
Zet can now use Refresher Orb



Empty Bottle can no longer be used - it will auto-pickup targeted rune or refill at fountain


Fixed some interactions with Dagger being shifted into various queues (Tinker, for instance)
Dagger no longer allows to get stuck with blink

Moon shard

Moon Shard now shows visible icon on illusions

Solar crest

Solar Crest debuff can now be dispelled

Tranquil boots

Fixed Tranquil Boots movespeed not being correctly updated when switched from broken to normal
Tranquil Boots now shows cooldown while disabled

Heart of Tarrasque

Fixed Heart of Tarrasque provided regeneration on pickup even if not owned
Heart of Tarrasque now shows cooldown while disabled


Hex no longer disables evasion on the target

Mask of madness

Mask of Madness no longer has issues stacking with other abilities (Enrage, Sprint, etc)

Diffusal Blade
Now removes mana first, then damage

Etheral blade
Ethereal blade can now be disjointed

  • Improved fatal error info
    Fixed few fatal error possibilities
    Fixed Dagger double click
    Fixed Torrent slow worked like haste
    Fixed Potm's Agh
    Fixed Lens + shockwaves
    Fixed various Boots of travel targets abuses
    Fixed heartstopper visual aura range
    Fixed Shadow wave visual effect
    Fixed Tricks or Trade leveling rules
    Courier won't stop any longer if morphed while delivering stuff
    Fixed multicasted Bloodlust affecting way too many dummies
    Fixed Fiery Fire consumable counted as a spell
    Improved creep pathing
    Fixed Fortune's end interaction with Repel, it cannot be casted onto immune enemies as well
    Fixed borrowed Tango teleportating to the center of the map if picked up by Circle of Power
    Fixed missing models of Minefield sign and Eidolons
    Fixed Astral Imprisonment paritical malfunction with Ulti and Linken
    Fixed Earth Spirit and Ember spirit summons could go out from the map
    Relocate now supports double click and re-target the Wisp to the fountain
    Fixed Relocate doesn't return Wisp
    Fixed missing Jinada visuals
    Fixed Holy Persuation issue with Ancients
    Double click helper (self-casts) is now option in the Circle of Power (disabled by default), also chat alias "-dch"
    Fixed Zeus' ulti malfunction
    Fixed Gush Agh cd
    Fixed Arcane curse visual
    Fixed -si and new wards

  • Да, это не полностью обновленная, в Dota2 сейчас F
  • Да, это альфа, т.е. здесь НУЖНО ожидать баги, вылеты и т.п. :fffuuu:
  • Карта НЕ подходит для про-игр, только фан-катки

Алсо напоминание.
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Все фаталы автоматически отправляются ко мне, но реплеи лучше присылать сюда на форум. Версия тестировалась в основном на 1.26 версии, 27 поддерживается, но шанс краша выше.

Карта использует редактирование памяти, поэтому несовместима с античитами, лаунчерами и т.п. Если собираетесь хостить на платформе - спросите у админов, а то получите бан ни за что. В коде используется WinAPI, поэтому запустить карту могут только пользователи Windows. На других ОС можно попробовать эмуляторы или виртуалки.

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За исключением баланса, ничто не прибито гвоздями и может меняться. Пишем, что не нравится, пишем, что нравится.

Ченжлог еще не готов. Пока что можете поездить в сингле.

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby hul] » Oct 31st, '16, 14:59

10/10 лич
манта дает флаинг вижен, не граунд
модельки майнфилд сигна не видно
при кидании бладтхорна не слышно звука и не видно восклицательного знака
у хусика перепутано расположение скиллов, копья на 1, хил на 2, скорее всего из-за того, что написал -b перед изучением
линза или не работает с гастом, или работает после того, как ее выкинуть, или я просто сделал много героев в сингле и ее багнуло, хз
у молний с мжолнира пропал звук
ульт зевса сломан, не дамажит
звук стампида и ульта спектры слышно через раз (еще с фрога)
вообще часто путаются скиллы при левелапе героя в сингле, хз, как будет в мультиплеере
кд вардов багованный
ульт оракла (с ним и ланаей происходит вот такое -
с аганимом старфолл перестает работать
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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby Loki » Oct 31st, '16, 15:06

можно булочки подрасслабить ато народ скоро бунтовать бы начал

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby [iTiMka] » Oct 31st, '16, 15:25

торрент не замедляет, а ускоряет)

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby [iTiMka] » Oct 31st, '16, 15:29

даблклик на себя можно убрать!?!?!?!?

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby [iTiMka] » Oct 31st, '16, 15:31

Сделать чтобы файрифайр можно было кушать и на фул хп.

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby DracoL1ch » Oct 31st, '16, 15:33

[iTiMka] wrote:даблклик на себя можно убрать!?!?!?!?

будет опцией, да

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby RokKnyaz » Oct 31st, '16, 15:38

[iTiMka] wrote:торрент не замедляет, а ускоряет)

ты даже не представляешь как ускоряли орбофвеномы и скилы сайленсера пару недель назад

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby [iTiMka] » Oct 31st, '16, 15:39


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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby Loki » Oct 31st, '16, 15:43

расположение скилов это баг который по идее останется, потому что это фича
писсивки на третий слот у тех у кого они были 2ым
автокаст выстрелы\скилы на 1ый слот

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby DracoL1ch » Oct 31st, '16, 15:45

подрубу устраиваю

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby hul] » Oct 31st, '16, 15:54


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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby hul] » Oct 31st, '16, 16:25

с аганимом кд на гаше должен быть 7
в рошпите слишком много видно
описание хасты исчезло

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby DracoL1ch » Oct 31st, '16, 17:12

hul] wrote:у хусика перепутано расположение скиллов, копья на 1, хил на 2, скорее всего из-за того, что написал -b перед изучением
вообще часто путаются скиллы при левелапе героя в сингле, хз, как будет в мультиплеере
кд вардов багованный

про перестановки - это к локи
но про путаются скиллы - конкретнее, о чем речь? свои кастом кеи?
в чем баг вардов? речь о кд со старта карты?*

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby hul] » Oct 31st, '16, 17:14

DracoL1ch wrote:про перестановки - это к локи
но про путаются скиллы - конкретнее, о чем речь? свои кастом кеи?
в чем баг вардов? речь о кд со старта карты?*

нет, только расположением, выше уже прочитал, что это фича
речь о кд после их скупки, циферки очень быстро идут и едва ли напоминают секунды

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby Loki » Oct 31st, '16, 17:16

hul] wrote:в рошпите слишком много видно

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby Loki » Oct 31st, '16, 17:21


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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby hul] » Oct 31st, '16, 17:21

Loki wrote:
hul] wrote:в рошпите слишком много видно


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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby Z-RAY-Z » Oct 31st, '16, 17:27

Спасибо за релиз, долго ждал. Интересно, как быстро он появиться на OMG-Stats\Garena.
Под куполом войда у юнитов и башен показывается оглушение над головой, так задумано?

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Re: DotA v6.88c Allstars [Alpha]

Postby Loki » Oct 31st, '16, 17:41

рошпит конфирмед, записал

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