Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

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Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby Team.Pro.Feeder » May 13th, '17, 12:15


I have a small request, anyone, playing tiny in RGC can literally go on a killing spree and rampage, all he has to do is blink, Avalanche and toss that's it which is very easy for anyone to do it, and not only that even in late game he becomes over powerful with scepter and moon shard no melee hero can go close and gank him and if ganked then it end up killing all nearby heroes in just a few hits, and tiny from early-mid game to till late game he is too overpowered he is not balanced like specter, void, mortred and medusa because these heroes are weak at first and its very difficult for them to get kills during early and mid game but in the case of tiny any noob can pick tiny and once he cross level 10 and get a dagger he can go on a killing spree till last late and end game which I feel is not a fair gameplay, because it really does not need skill to play tiny because it is just a 3 finger press dagger-avalanche-toss and the enemy hero is dead even when the enemy hero is at full hp, and within a fraction of seconds all his skills refreshes from cooldown period and ready for another easy kill, and no other hero in dota can kill any hero in its full HP just by using two skills. It's only tiny who can kill any hero just using 2 skills without having to hit any single hit, so please take this into consideration and I hope you will make some changes in the next update.

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Re: Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby Mortrus » May 13th, '17, 12:38

Just learn how to play DotA.
Let the hunt begin.

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Re: Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby Loki » May 13th, '17, 15:20

Yep, I like Tiny too. He is freaking stone GIANT with massive tree as weapon
but what about Lina? Slark? Meepo? Tinker? Miner?
all of them broken, and not only they

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Re: Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby [iTiMka] » May 13th, '17, 16:31

БЛэтТ баганый эвэлэнч с айсикапа на ргц пришел блэитт

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Re: Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby tmn » May 14th, '17, 09:52

I fully agree that Tiny is overpowered. However, he's the same as he was in 6.85 Dota 2. And only Craggy Exterior got slightly nerfed since then in Dota 2.

So you'll have to deal with it.
1. Play -cm or -rd instead of -ap.
2. Pick heroes that play well against Tiny: ranged AACs, disablers, tanks. E.g. Ogre, Naix, Sniper, Weaver.
3. Focus on increasing your HP, regen and magic resist ASAP: str pt, vanguard, urn, hood, sange. Early Heart if possible. That way you won't die from a single combo and won't have to go back to fountain every time you get hit by it.
4. Harass Tiny in the early game.
5. Put wards to prevent ganks. Don't let Tiny pick the runes.
6. Most importantly, stay together. Despite the appearances, Tiny is a very soft hero with low armor. If he jumps in on one of you, just kill him quickly.

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Re: Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby RokKnyaz » May 14th, '17, 12:38

7. buy raindrop..

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Re: Tiny too over powered please degrade it.

Postby burnt » May 16th, '17, 12:29

8. stop being a team.pro.feeder

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