Necrolyte's Ultimate and Sadist Bug

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Necrolyte's Ultimate and Sadist Bug

Postby jp06 » Nov 11th, '17, 12:19

After Necro used ulti and another hero/unit (not sure about the unit) gets the one with stunned HP to 0 before the stun duration ends, Necro gets kill credit but there is no Sadist if the enemy hero gets killed like that. Sadist only works when Necro gets the enemy HP to 0 but its supposed to work too otherwise when opponent is under Reaper's Scythe. I don't know if its fixed in u6 though.

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Re: Necrolyte's Ultimate and Sadist Bug

Postby DracoL1ch » Nov 15th, '17, 20:48

should be fixed in u7+, in case if not feel free to re-post

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